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How to cope with academic work? Comments Off

Posted on May 13, 2011 by admin

Inevitably, you will feel anxious about this to start with. Will I be good enough? Can I keep up? This is the major challenge, and you will be facing it without the close guidance you may have previously enjoyed from a teacher or parent.

Get the right information from the start. How many lectures, seminars or laboratory sessions are you supposed to be attending? With assignments, what exactly are you being asked to do? How many words are you expected to write? What is the deadline for handing it in? If your tutors don’t make themselves clear, ask questions and be persistent.

What resources are available? Is there a library; what hours is it open, and how many other students are going to be wanting to read the same book, at the same time?

Is there a photocopying machine or scanner, and do you have to pay to use them? How many computers are available to use? Or do you have your own with internet facilities set up? Make yourself a realistic timetable. When you are assigned a task, estimate how long you think it will take you. Then add on a bit more time, as you have probably been over-optimistic in the first place. Then set a time each day, or each week, to do it.

Thinking ahead also involves taking into account any resources you will need to complete the task. It may turn out that the library has only one copy of an essential book or paper, and someone else has just borrowed it. It’s better to allow too much time, and then find the bonus of a couple of hours off, than to stay up all night, drinking black coffee, in a panic.

Set clear priorities

You need to make hard choices. You may want to go to that meeting, film, or match tonight, but the essay has to be handed in tomorrow. Or you’d like to spend every waking minute with a new partner, but you haven’t done enough revision.

Part of the art of survival is to make realistic assessments of consequences. If you are late handing in the essay, can your tutor be appeased or negotiated with? Try to negotiate with your tutor before a deadline and ask for an extension, if necessary. What will happen if you do badly in a test or exam? If your final results depend more on how well you do in exams, rather than the quality of your course work, you may decide to put less effort into writing perfect essays and more into revising for exams.

Get support

Beginning to take responsibility for your own learning needs some support. Some institutions have systems to provide for this, ensuring that each student has a tutor or mentor, who can act like a sort of academic parent to them, advising them on their work and helping them plan realistically.

Many, however, do not. Even when this is the case, it’s possible to form a support group of fellow students, formally or informally, to help each other. Be prepared to ask for support and help.

Sports Supplements for Triathlon Competitors 0

Posted on January 11, 2012 by admin

Keeping fit whilst at college or uni is vital to a well balanced student life.  If you’re an active sports man or woman then it is essential to get the right nutrients to support your body, enabling you to stay alert so you can still perform in the classroom or at lectures.

The triathlon is a grueling event so taking regular supplements like proteins and amino acids during training can help optimise your physicality and fitness for the event.

Triathlons are vigorous multi-sport events that often involve running, cycling, and swimming. To get in the best shape possible for such an event, it is important to engage in all the proper training for each specific sport. Because each of these activities is so intense, a well-balanced diet alone might not be sufficient in providing the strength and stamina necessary to be at the most competitive. Also, a busy work schedule and a rigorous training schedule can get in the way of proper nutrition.

One of the most important aspects of a triathlete’s health is bone and joint health. To ensure this, triathletes should take vitamin and mineral supplements, focusing on Vitamin D for immunity, calcium for improved bone density, and other vitamins and minerals. A multivitamin can even be taken. The aforementioned nutrients actually go hand-in-hand as one helps the body to more readily absorb the other. Another supplement to look into is chondroitin, which is meant to keep the joints in top shape.

Another aspect of health that triathletes should concentrate on is proper immune function. During vigorous exercise, the body’s immune function can drop by about half, and glutamine naturally restores this immunity. Glutamine is another supplement that is vital for triathletes as it helps to boost the immune system.

Finally, an essential supplement for triathlon competitors is a gel which helps restore nutrients on the go. In the middle of an hours-long workout or competitive event, it can be impractical to drop everything and prepare a meal, so a gel can help keep athletes going without interrupting a strenuous training session.

The above sports supplements are the best bets for triathletes who are preparing for a big competition. Although proper diet takes priority, these supplements offer the extra boost necessary to ensure the best performance possible. Because these products are packed with nutrients, it is important to read the intake guidelines, as some of the side effects associated with taking more than the recommended amount of these nutrients can range from minor gastrointestinal upset to severe disorders such as hypertension or other medical issues that can lead to hospitalization.


Transport Careers Comments Off

Posted on August 31, 2011 by admin

Ever thought of looking for a career in transport or logistics?   If you’ve finished uni and are looking for employment, the transport industry covers a number of potential roles.

The public sector offers a wide range of transport opportunities, as well as the private sector. these types of jobs can also take you international and you could end up working in Poland or other parts of Europe.

Logistics manager, supply chain manager, business analyst are all possible roles in the industry.

One of the most advanced international transport and haulage companies which have offices all around the world is  Their offering is a sophisticated, real time software communication system where companies and haulage distributors can connect with potential customers to share the cargo with other customers. This offers a cheaper alternative and can save your business transport and logistic costs.

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